Sarah Hawkins

Role: Pilot of the Spaceship Blunder
Age: 45
Physical Description: Sarah is a black woman with a strong, confident posture. She wears her hair in a curly ponytail and has a warm, inviting smile. She wears her uniform with a sense of pride and duty.

Bio: Sarah is the heart and soul of the Spaceship Blunder. Despite being the only truly competent member of the crew, she remains optimistic about their missions. Her bouts of sadness are a reflection of her unfulfilled aspirations, but she finds solace in her role as a leader and mentor to her crew. Her piloting skills are unparalleled, and she navigates the stars with a deft hand and a hopeful heart.


Role: Ship Mechanic
Age: 32 (in human years)
Physical Description: Xylo is a tall, slender alien from the planet Zentara. His skin is a shimmering blue, with small, luminescent spots that glow when he's excited or agitated. He has large, expressive eyes and dexterous hands with extra joints.

Bio: Xylo joined the crew out of curiosity for human machinery, which he finds fascinatingly primitive yet puzzling. He's resourceful and inventive, often fixing the Blunder's breakdowns with unorthodox but effective solutions. His understanding of human social cues is a work in progress, leading to humorous misinterpretations.

Commander Rex Sterling

Role: Commander of the Starship Prime
Age: 40
Physical Description: Rex is tall, with a chiseled jawline and perfectly styled hair. He has a commanding presence and carries himself with an air of undeniable confidence.

Bio: Commander Sterling is the poster boy for the elite Starship Prime. He is supremely confident in his abilities and his ship's superiority. While he often dismisses the Blunder and its crew, he secretly harbors respect for Sarah's tenacity. His overconfidence sometimes blinds him to the subtler strengths of others.

Chef Bluebottle

Role: Chef
Age: 79
Physical Description: Chef Bluebottle is a short elderly man with wrinkly skin, grayish-blue eyes, and no hair—not even eyebrows. He wears a dirty chef’s hat in all circumstances—probably to cover his bald head.

Bio: A former gourmet chef from Mars, Bluebottle should have died many years ago. His cantankerous attitude and dismay at the limited ingredients available on Starship Blunder are reflected in the bland and sometimes inedible food he makes. He loves getting into other crewmates' business and delivering unsolicited advice.

Miss Luna Knight

Role: Daycare Teacher
Age: 22
Physical Description: Miss Luna is an average-sized young woman with pale skin, black hair, and brown eyes. She dresses in all black with an overall gothic style and never smiles. She has colorful tattoos of various space elements on her arms, which she uses to entertain and educate the children.

Bio: An educator with a passion for space and child development, Miss Luna runs the onboard daycare for the crew’s children. Her looks are deceiving as she’s inventive and caring, creating a nurturing environment for learning and play. She only gets along with children, and the other adults on the ship are scared of her.