Spaceship Blunder

The Starship Blunder is an aging military vessel and part of a small space federation called the Conglomeracy. 

Description: Once a state-of-the-art vessel, the Blunder has seen better days. It's a patchwork of repairs and improvised modifications, giving it a unique and somewhat comical appearance. The ship is notorious for its unpredictable malfunctions and breakdowns, often leading to unintended adventures and humorous situations. Its engineering can vary between missions, with components like warp drives getting installed and removed regularly. The quirky, aging spacecraft is known affectionately among its crew as "the hunk of junk."

Capabilities: Despite its rundown condition, the Blunder is capable of interstellar travel, although its systems are prone to glitches. It has basic amenities for the crew, a modest cargo hold, and standard defensive capabilities.

Crew: The ship is home to approximately 150 individuals, comprising both crew members and their families. This includes a melting pot of species, predominantly human, but with a significant representation of other alien species.

Crew Quarters: The crew's living quarters are cramped but functional, each personalized by its inhabitant, reflecting their personalities and histories.

Common Areas: The ship includes a communal dining area, a small medical bay, and a bridge, all of which have seen better days but are kept as operational as possible.

Home Planet - Neptune

Description: Neptune is the home planet for Starship Blunder and is presented as a habitable planet in this universe, with vast oceans and floating cities. The planet is known for its breathtaking views, with swirling blue storms and high-speed winds that are a spectacle to behold from the safety of the cities.

Culture: Neptune's inhabitants are known for their resilience and resourcefulness, having adapted to life amid extreme weather conditions. The society values community and cooperation, traits that are ingrained in the crew of the Spaceship Blunder.

Role in the Universe: Neptune serves as the launching point for the Blunder's missions. It's a place of rest, resupply, and relative normalcy compared to the chaos of space travel.

Detail of a floating city of Neptune