Galactic Misadventure Awaits

Cover subject to change.

Galactic Misadventure Awaits!

All of the best talent, most promising soldiers, and highly competent individuals were picked for the elite Starship Prime. Together, they will travel to faraway galaxies and make connections with new alien species currently unknown.

Unfortunately for Sarah Hawkins, she didn’t make the cut and instead pilots the Starship Blunder. With her team of misfits, has-beens, and generally underqualified crewmates, she does her best to explore not-too-far away planets and check in with the alien species that humanity would prefer to forget. But their biggest challenge is to keep the hunk of junk Blunder in good enough repair to prevent crash landing at every single stop.

Thank you to all the writers who submitted stories in the Starship Blunder universe!

The submission period for this anthology is now closed. 

 The cobbled together Starship Blunder in all her glory.

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Welcome to the Starship Blunder shared universe anthology! Currently, Starship Blunder's stories are undergoing fine-tuning to prepare for publication. Check back soon for news on the upcoming release of the Starship Blunder anthology.